Play Spinball for free cash prizes of up to $10K a day!

We're reloading our Spinball offer so you can take another shot at $10,000 in daily cash rewards!

Concentration, focus and a knack for hitting big multipliers: all things that come in handy during a Spin & Go poker tournament, but which also apply to pinball! And now we’re bringing the two games together to give you the best of both and money in your pocket!

How to win your free cash rewards

A new pinball puzzle is available every day in your Challenges Window. Each puzzle comprises 11 pieces - collect five of them for a free cash reward of up to $5,000, then collect the rest for another free cash reward of up to $5,000! Chances of getting the bigger prizes are better once you’ve completed the puzzle, so get all the pieces every day to get the most free cash you possibly can!

  • Log-in to your Stars Account (or download our software if you haven’t already)
  • Open your Challenges Window to discover a range of Spin & Go Challenges
  • Complete a Challenge to collect a pinball puzzle piece
  • Repeat until you’ve collected 5 pieces - you’ll receive a cash reward of up to $5,000!
  • Collect all pieces before 23:59 ET and receive another cash reward up to $5,000!
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